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Checking Out – Book Excerpts

As a starving writer, you take on a lot of weird jobs. You don’t really look at job descriptions, you look at schedules – will this job give me a chance to pursue my writing. So of course I took the job working at the morgue. Hey, it was 4-midnight, M-F, so that was perfect for pitching my songs on Music Row in the AMs, and still have weekends for my kids! I kept a diary of sorts about the many cases I dealt with in the year I worked there. I share them with you here.


Noone Was Surprised

Doctors and Death

The Final Pitch

Her Senior Year – Book Excerpts

When my oldest daughter became a senior in high school, it really brought back the memories of my senior year (it was 1969-70, and we had FUN). I thought it would be cool to keep a journal of sorts as a narrative between the two generations. It became quite a story and I’ll share them with you here.

Class Rings

Choosing a College III


Carpe Diem

More To Come

So Keep Checking Back

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