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Inside, you will find many stories that I have created throughout the years. I have books, columns , articles, songs, and just flat out genius comments and thoughts. I never take myself too serious, but I’m always serious about the point I make. So grab a cup ‘o coffee and sit back and enjoy some light-hearted, brilliant commentary by the most unrecognized writer in American history.
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TKR – The Write Stuff

The spirit of Christmas presented in new stories, new settings and with the unique style to become the standard for telling Christmas stories. Now available through most online book stores.

During the pandemic, I posted videos of ‘Stories With DudePa’ – reading children stories to help the many parents who were trying to home school their children. It wasn’t professionally done – I hate reading in public – but it was created on the fly to help the parents out. You can see the videos @TKR The Write Stuff, my Facebook writer page, or on YouTube searching Stories With DudePa.