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Mommy Wrote A Really Good Song

Follow Skye’s adventures as her mom follows her dream of becoming a songwriter/artist. This twelve-year-old’s confidence and positive approach to life will make the journey a delightful read for young people and those who are young at heart.

Celebrating The Spirit Of Christmas

Twelve Stories

Twelve stories that celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Different eras, different scenarios and different characters – but every story comes with that unique spirit of love we all want at Christmas.


God Had To Make a Choice

God decides that it’s time to save planet Earth. He recruits his two favorite creations – Children and Animals – gives them the ability to communicate with each other and sends them out on an adventure to show the adults how to save a planet. You’ll have as much fun reading this story as I had creating it!

Hannah’s Huggers

Building God’s Army of Love

Anyone who has read the New Testament knows the story. Jesus talks to a Samaritan woman (apparently has no name) at Jacobs well and decides to stay in her village for a couple of days where many came to believe. That’s all we know. But since the New Testament was written by Jewish believers who for the most part had limited interest in the Samaritan population, spending much time dealing with Samaritan events is kinda like me – a lifelong, die hard Padres fan – writing a history of the Dodgers (trust me, that would be a very brief waste of my time). Being that I am neither Jewish nor Samaritan, I took the liberty to fill in the blanks in a story for you to enjoy. It’s a fun story about the little girl Jesus met in the village and the adventure of her lifetime.

Johnny’s Story

Having the Gift of Enough

Johnny is a retired man who lives alone and volunteers to play Santa at the run-down mall in the worst side of town. He’s always telling the children that if they always ask for more, they’ll never have enough, but if they ask for enough, they’ll never need more. Johnny likes to stop by the neighborhood Pub before he heads home and visit with the regulars from every walk of life who share the bar stools around him. It’s a simple life – until Joe shows up one day…

My First Seven Days in Heaven

and More

They say eternity is way longer than eighty years, yet we have created a perception of Heaven that includes sitting on a cloud with Jesus, mansions in the sky with streets paved of gold and pretty much leave it at that. If God is the ultimate definition of LOVE and his love is unconditional, you’d think that he would create a Heaven that is a little bit more exciting than that! Once you understand MY rules for Heaven, you can see how each individual can create an eternity that absolutely makes sense for every individual and at the same time increase the power of God’s eternal love for us all. What a fun adventure that will have you thinking:

“What would my first seven days be like?”

It’s up to you.

It’s Positively Cancer

A Daughter’s Blog, A Dad’s Farewell

She was a young wife. Her and her husband owned two businesses. They just welcomed their first child, a boy named Charlie into their world. Life was full of hope for Tracy Lynn Hamilton. Then she found the lumps under her arm. This started a two-year journey that would not have a happy ending that she documented so well on her Facebook page:

It’s Positively Cancer.

As her Dad, I wanted to share this story because it was the positive attitude and courage she exhibited throughout this journey that inspired all of us who knew her. It’s a story that needs to be shared.

“Dad, I’m not sure if I’m going to beat cancer, but I promise you,

I’ll never let cancer beat me.”

Cancer took her body…. but never touched her heart.

Her Senior Year

The Most Important Year In a Teenagers Life

Through The Eyes Of a Dad

It may well be the most important year of your life. So many of them are. But there are few thresholds that we cross which have more impact on our lives than this one moment in time. Even with all the changes in our world, this one year has always been, and will certainly always be, one of life’s greatest adventures as we try to figure out who we are, what we stand for and in what direction we are headed.

This year is my daughter’s senior year in high school.

If you are a parent that has a child who is thinking of being a Senior in High School someday, you need to read this book! From senior rings to graduation, Her Senior Year will help you, as a parent, get through this crazy year!
Enjoy the journey parents!

Just A Thought

Stories from a Baby Boomer’s Life

I had a column for a bunch of years titled ‘Just A Thought’ because it wasn’t about any particular topic, but pretty much whatever was on my mind when I sat down to write. It could be about how going to a Jimi Hendrix concert made me a better Dad, or how Alexander Graham Bell obviously didn’t have any teenage daughters. I went through and took out the 100 best columns that would be a common voice for those of us in the baby boomer generation. There’s something for everyone which will make you think I’m a complete genius or a complete idiot – it doesn’t matter. A collection of stories that truly reflects the voice of the baby boomers – well at least MY voice, and since it was my column, that’s good enough for me. Enjoy!

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