Quotes By Andy Smith


Just A Thought~

*Most people approach life in cycles of Youth, Adult, Senior. I approach life in cycles of Youth, Dad, and DudePa. I stay with the youth.

* I remember everything about my youth, whether it happened or not.

* I’m glad I had girls – testosterone sucks… it was only useful when cavemen had to go out and hunt dinosaurs with clubs

* When everyone comes back to my level, they call it a recession – I just call it crowded

* I was a teenager in the ’60s – That’s when America threw up.

* Pursuing your dreams is fine, but life begins when you catch up to them.

* If you only judge me by my wallet, then I will always be a loser and you will always be a person with no vision.

* I’ve never been much of a pet guy, but then again, I do have several pet Peeves.

Her Senior Year ~

* As a father, I stand for many things, but mostly I stand corrected.

* Sometimes a silent hug is the only conversation that makes sense.

* As a writer, rejections are as common place as hemorrhoids and truckers, grease and mechanics, and the Cubs and mediocrity. But reject my daughter? Oh, HELL no!

* After 18 years of experience, you’d think I would have learned the absolute rule number 1 of parenting: NEVER encourage your children to do anything until you have a clear understanding of the cost!

* Social standing has no meaning for me. I always deal with people on one level – eye level.

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