Just A Thought


Welcome Home

After my daughter passed away, I went quite a long time without writing. But I wanted to share her Facebook page, It’s Positively Cancer, in a self-published book format. Being the non-techie guy that I am, this world of self-publishing was nothing short of a nightmare trying to get the format of Facebook right AND formatting my own commentaries AND including the many pictures that Tracy used on her Facebook page. Needless to say, I could not have started my world of self-publishing with a more difficult project than this.

But it all worked out, and after my first effort in self-publishing hit the cyber bookstores, I started creating more and more stories that were a whole lot easier to publish because I only used one format and no pictures. Just Stories. You are welcome to go to my SHOP page and check them out.

Decades of ‘THOUGHTS’

My JUST A THOUGHT columns covered many years. I have selected the five ‘THOUGHTS’ that were written about being 40, in my 50s, 60s and now 70s. It’s a fun read about how we age. Enjoy